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I started killer_cons because I love making icons, so an icons journal would go right along with my reasoning. My actual journal ( coffee_day ) is semi friends-only which is also why I have this public journal. I began making icons in January of 2004. It became my drug.

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01. Comment on my entry if you are taking any of the icons.

02. Always credit me. I am the creator of the icons so I'd like some recognition. If you're using them for LJ, credit me in your user info or in keywords.

03. Do NOT direct link. Confused? It means that you'reusing space on my server by using the same link to the icon. Download all icons onto your own server like Photobucket.

04. This journal is public. You may add me any time.

05. Sometimes I make icons with no words aka "blanks" or "textless/wordless". There is a difference between "blanks" and "bases". Please, do not modify my blanks.

06. I don't take requests but I do take suggestions. So no requests....unless I offer them.

07. Enjoy them!

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If you have any questions, go HERE.

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I often use caps, textures, brushes & whatever by: indilime calixa bentfire shagalote stickywicket hecatesknickers Skull logo credit to 5 Glory Holes

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If you would like to affiliate or view my current affiliates, go HERE. Silver-Pearls.com Directory